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AICD Article “7 long term megatrends…”

Saturday, December 30th, 2017

Are these really the important long term mega trends?
December 2017
By Roger La Salle

Regarding the LinkedIn article from the AICD magazine on the “7 long-terms megatrends… “, I find this article largely statements of the most obvious and in some ways a little deceptive.
In the first case, why the comment “climate data shows “NEARLY ALL” warmest years were in 21st Century. Is this deception by omission and pushing a climate change agenda?
As for water, the amount of water on the planet is probably fixed (except for the little locked in concrete mix and the like) and to be sure Australia has been inundated with water for the last six or more years. Any shortage is due to population growth and the prevention of new mass storage dams, courtesy of the Green lobby. The result of course was DeSal plants, now idle but in any case there is no power available to run them, even if they are needed.
The concerning mega trends are many that are not listed including:
1. The growing car population with close to 1.5 million per year being added to Australia’s roads and all Government can do is build more roads, inspiring more cars and more congestion. Time and productivity lost in travel is a huge and a costly megatrend with no end in sight.
2. Spiralling government debt with no solution in sight and a recession, which we have not had for some 27 years (despite the usual occurrence every nine years) bound to occur as we reach our debt ceiling, interest rates rise and the economy tanks. This is inevitable.
3. The shift to the services sector that creates little wealth and is largely funded by government infrastructure spending (more debt) and housing to support our unmanageable immigration inspired population growth.
4. Power shortages driving the manufacturing sector to the wall with no clear policy direction and more debt used to subsidies otherwise unprofitable green inspired power initiatives.
5. Social media that is changing the very fabric of society sometimes for the better other times as for the worse as our children lose the ability to communicate, except by text and news become twitter inspired opinion rather than fact.
6. Unsustainable growth in wind turbines that have too short a life span and are too unreliable to be a viable. Additionally, they kill any coastal creature that can fly with blade tip speed as much as 400 kph. (Where are the greens?)
7. Politicians making short term decisions in the interest of holding government rather that the country, such as a hand full of obsolescent submarines at $50 plus billion to win a couple of marginal SA seats.
There are many other megatrends not even considered in the AICD article.

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